Truck Rustproofing

Truck Rustproofing in Omaha, NE

Every winter, the roads in Omaha, NE become a slushy, salty mess. Salt brine and magnesium chloride are major rust-causing problems for vehicles, which makes it important to take preventive steps before corrosion becomes an issue. Talk to Truck Authority of Omaha Total Truck Store about vehicle rustproofing and other forms of truck customization. We’ll help you prevent rust before it becomes a problem. Our rustproofing process is thorough and tailored to every vehicle. We know how much of a losing battle it can be to fight rust once it takes hold, so we do whatever it takes to protect your vehicle’s most vulnerable areas.

Protection From Corrosion

There’s a common misconception that rustproofing and undercoating are the same thing. While both are processes that protect your vehicle, rustproofing is actually a targeted approach to protecting more vulnerable areas that aren’t part of the undercarriage. Our car and truck rustproofing covers areas prone to salt and magnesium chloride, including fenders, rocker panels, upper body panels and pinch-weld points, as well as door jambs, hood interiors and tailgates. We use products that specifically protect against corrosive elements, for an all-encompassing safeguard in your vehicle’s most susceptible areas. Our rustproofing and vehicle undercoating team is meticulous when it comes to truck rustproofing. We don’t just spray on a coating—we take the time to ensure optimal coverage. This means disassembling certain areas and taking the time to coat the smallest nooks and crannies. Rust is tenacious—so are we! We leave no square inch of your vehicle’s sensitive areas unchecked. Get ready to hit the road in Omaha, NE with peace of mind, even in spite of winter conditions.

Safeguard Against Rust

There’s no stopping the snow, salt and corrosive road conditions that come with winter. Your best line of defense against rust starts with Truck Authority of Omaha Total Truck Store. Contact us today at 402-509-2100 to discuss rustproofing and to learn more about our targeted approach to vehicle protection.