Rustproofing in Lincoln, NE

Winter is the most damaging season for vehicles in Lincoln, NE, and not just because of the ice and snow. Each year, millions of tons of salt are dumped on the roadways, eventually turning slush into saltwater that kicks up into your vehicle. Rust is quick to follow and once it does, it’s a losing battle for your vehicle. Truck Authority of Lincoln your Total Truck Store helps customers protect their vehicles from corrosion damage with thorough vehicle rustproofing services and related truck accessories. We make prevention a priority, using proven products to bring a protective shield to your vehicle's most vulnerable areas.


Many people confuse rustproofing with undercoating. Rustproofing is actually much more precise and targets areas that are prone to rusting—often inside your vehicle. When we tackle truck rustproofing, we usually target areas like fenders, rocker panels, upper body panels and pinch-weld points, as well as door jambs, hood interiors and tailgates. Treating these areas, we keep salt brine and other corrosives out so they can’t cause you trouble. We assess every vehicle on a case-by-case basis, to make sure our rustproofing approach is the right one for your automobile.

Our Rust-Proofing Process

We’re meticulous when it comes to rustproofing—to the point where were disassemble areas to fully treat any surfaces that might be susceptible. We spray these areas with rust prevention products specifically meant to fight magnesium chloride—the most common rust-causing element found on roads throughout Lincoln, NE. We leave no square inch untreated, so you can hit the road in winter without worrying about a rust problem developing.

Safeguard Against Rust

Don’t let rust become an ever-present problem on your vehicle. Truck Authority your Total Truck Store will coat all those hard-to-reach, vitally important areas of your vehicle to ensure salt brines and magnesium chloride don’t stand a chance. Contact us and schedule a rustproofing appointment today by calling 402-466-2080.