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Mobile Phone Charger

  • GM Factory Wireless Charger Replacement
  • Check Fitment Guide For Your Vehicle
  • Retains Factory GM Wireless Charging Mat/Cubbie
  • Plugs Into Your Factory Power Connector
  • 5mm Catch Radius
  • 10w Fast Charging
  • Smart Charging Technology Tapers Off As Your Phone Fully Charges
  • Connection Chime When Phone Begins To Charge
  • Instl. Varies Depending On Where The Factory Charger Is Located

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  • Integrates Seamlessly Wherever Your Phone Can Fit
  • Deigned To be Custom Tailored to Your Vehicle
  • 15w Triple Coil Fast Charge
  • Cuttable 8.5 x 11 Mat Designed To Be Removable / Washable
  • Cuttable 8.5 x 11 Substrate
  • Not Designed To Repair The GM Factory Wireless Charging Modul
  • Requires A 12V Power Source And Ground
  • Power Connector Supplied Firmly Clips Into Charger
  • 8mm Catch Radius
  • Smart Charging Technology Tapers Off As Phone Fully Charges
  • Foreign Metal Detection Prevents Damage To Charger

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