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Blind Spot Detection System

  • Foam Wrapped Interior Connections Eliminate Noise Or Rattling
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • HMI Indicators Integrate Cleanly Into Trim Panels
  • Alarms Alert Driver When Is In Blind Spot/Turn Signal Activated
  • CAN-BUS Turning Blind Spot Monitoring At Speeds Over 15 MPH
  • Smart System Only Looks 1 Lane Over Minimizing False Triggers
  • Industry Leading 40 Foot Detection Range
  • System Ignores Stationary Objects Minimizing False Triggers
  • Detect Changes In Speed Up To 15 MPH Different Than Your Speed
  • Detect Objects As Small As Motorcycles Up To As As Semi-Trucks
  • Cross Traffic Functionality Immediately Activates In Reverse
  • 15 Foot Harness Length

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