About Us

Line-X of Irvington Total Truck Store began as a small family-owned company in Santa Ana, CA. Specializing in chemical manufacturing for truck accessories, we invented the industry’s first high-tech spray-on elastomer polyurethane coating.

Like many new inventors, we had no idea how this coating would take off. For years our patented Line-X of Irvington Total Truck Store coating safeguarded boats, buoys and big machines but still hadn’t found its niche. Until one day we discovered the perfect application. When sprayed in the bed of a truck, our protective coating offers just the right amount of protection and function with a great look. Quite simply this coating was meant to be a spray-on bedliner and we were meant to provide it to the masses. With outstanding physical attributes and an application technique easy to master, we had the formula for a successful system. And so the Line-X of Irvington Total Truck Store and franchise was born.

In a short time, Line-X grew into an extensive Franchise Network with operations expanding around the globe. Fast forward several years, and millions of bedliners and undercoating services later, our franchisees and corporate employees are still dedicated to innovation in Omaha, NE and beyond.

We started creating coatings that can be color-coded to match automotive paint (or any color for that matter), UV-stable coatings that can resist fading over time and specialty finishes for the perfect look and feel — pretty much anything and everything a truck enthusiast could want and adds value to their vehicle. And value is something we’re serious about. To us, it means providing the highest quality products with trusted service and support Contact us now!